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Started 10/30/2001
Bubba's Money Management
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Handicapping Awards
All records from monitored service with banks based on $100.00 per unit issued.Of course you can see how a dime players bank would be, as some services do, to make their alleged profit look better by simply mulitplying by 10 IF they ever had a dime player.
2017~Top bank~13~6~68.4%~$2,640.
2011~Top bank~73.0%~$3,650.
2008~Top bank~67.8%~$2,910.
2007~Top percent~83.3%~$3,900.
2004~Top bank/perc~87.5%~$3,050.
2003~Top percent~77.7%~$2,800
2016/7~Top Bank~$33,220
2008/9~Top bank~64.7%~$9,110
2004/5~Top bank/per~60.8%~$8,360
2002/3~Top percent~71.7%~$14,475.
NFL Playoffs
20011/12~Top bank~77.7%~$3,055
2008/9~Top bank~59.3%~$14,220
2006/7~Top bank~56.9%~$3,640.
2004/5~Top ba/per~68.0%~$13,655.
2002/3~Top bank~67.8%~$5,905.
2000/1~Top percent~71.5~$15,905
Col.Bowl Games
2014/15~Top percent~66.6%~$680.
2002/3~Top percent~62.0%~$2,150.
2017/18~Top Perc & Bank~241~136~$14,350.
2008/9~Top bank~59.1%~$17,590.
2004/5~Top bank~57.9%~$8,530.
2008/9~Top bank~59.3%~$3,685
2003/4~Top bank~59.2%~$2,630.
1999/0~Top percent~68.7%~$2,440
NBA Playoffs
2016/7~Top perc.28~13~68.0%~$13,300
2017/18~Top percent~68.1~$11,305.
2008/9~Top bank~62.5%~$9,120.
2000/1~Top percent~63.5%~$10,405.
NHL Playoffs
2017~Top perc~16~7`69.5%`$1,580.
2013~Top perc/bank~61.7%~$1,170.
2010/11~Top bank~70.8%~$3,450.
2008/9~Top percent~65.5%~$1,360.
2007/8~Top percent~70.9%~$1,600.
MLB season
2017~Top perc~58.1~210~151~$7,100.
2008~Top bank/perc~68.8%~$12,735
MLB playoffs
2013/4~Top percent~80.0%~$1,005

Edge Action

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Second Half members are doing dirty...So the books say!!!!"

Todays Members Action


Today's Action in respective sport

NBA: 1 Top Play

NHL: 1 Top PLay

CBB 1 Top Play

Bowls: Top Play

NFL: Top Play

MLB: Top Play

2021~22 Membership

Membership options

2nd Half Club 2021
Aug.11th FULL 2021!!!!

~Membership in all areas here @ the edge are limited.
~The 2nd club has earned a plus bank ALL but one year since day ONE
~Because of the great success of this club I expect it to fill early when it comes up for renewel.
~ALL action is sent via phone text.
~This Club has shown a plus bank in Football the last 17 years!!

Is it for me?
~It will be football ONLY.
~Starts with NFLX and 1st College Football till the last game in each sport.
~You will be notified in advance IF there will be no action on a day due to scheduling (rare).
~Recommended to play at least $50.00 per star (1 to 5 stars).

Do I have to be a season member to join?
~No but it helps a great deal, as we do look for middle action, especially on our key games (Games of the Week etc.)
~You still get the 2nd half issue but it is not a middle play for you.
~This is a strong advantage to have a middle shot as a one sided play.

~It is up to you to be able to play the action.
~Plays will be text with sch.#, team, line (Full details released to membership)
~Plays are issued at half time ASAP on sides and/or totals.(phone texted)
~Highly recommended to have more than one book as these lines move faster than game numbers.
~We have a large following in LV with active players in books so lines move.
~There is NO communication at half time other than plays issued. No line questions.
~Any communications with the office regarding this action at the time is ignored and frowned on as time is very limited for us and the players.
~We do follow simple rules on line moves issued at season start to members.
~2nd half lines are more sensitive than game lines.

~Our costs are based on membership expected divided by operation costs.
~The object of membership is cover my operating expenses which include
building and staff. I make an income from my posted action.
~As always online paypal or discounted mail-in will be available.
~With that said I would expect to be around previous years costs.

~Email either myself or Leah (emails left) if you are interested and want to be added to the list of non active members who would like to be notified in June of the upcoming season.
~Even if you asked before and many have,please resend/re-contact so we do not spam anyone with info.
~Join up time is in June before NFLX so keep that in mind.
~Email only if you are serious but I will do my best to answer all questions.


Todays Members Full Card

Listed members action displayed above.
Purchase gets all plays.
If you have any questions email 'Leah'
Plays will be emailed to you.


Short Profile

Before I opened this service I spent 24 years in the gaming industry.
I started as a ticket seller and left as an oddsmaker.
My expertise as a bookmaker, knowledge of public wagering and
tricks of the sports booking industry, has turned
me into successful full time professional player.. I have a strong
following to this day of some of the true players. We limit our membership
to put maximum time handicapping which has resulted in a PLUS in all BUT ONE season since 1998. No sales pitch, limited
membership, no sales up to another level, simple straight forward and we
play together and WIN together.

All action is independently monitored.

Kevin 'Bubba' Smith

Rollover in 2021

~One play regarded as a 5* issue (top issue)
~Encourage an independent rollover bank and start at $220.00
~This is a totally separate bank from our playing bank.
~A very selective play will start the rollover action.
~If it goes down we are done for the year.
~A suggested playing amount will be issued with action
~Action begins with scheduled FB at the latest.
~NFL exhibition is a long shot possibility and rare.
~No join ups after first issue is posted.
~Action ends as indicated here (loss or bank collected)
~More than one book available to play HIGHLY recommended.

Rollover Results 2021
Sports Book Edge Membership

~June is early sign up month
~Membership is done ONCE a year
~2021/22 Membership Info is now posted
~We do offer an occassional daily buy
~Membership is for all sports we handicap
(Col. FB & BB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB)
2nd Half Club 2021
FULL as of Aug.11th

Record 8/01/2021

W/L Stars
(1*) 00W~~00L~~0P
(3*) 00W~~00L
(5*) 00W~~0L
2021 Bank: +$000.00

2nd Half Club 2021
One Day Purchase

~Buy gives you 1 day's action
~Buys in by midnight PCT night before
~Plays issued via phone only
~If no action issued, full refund
or next gameday your choice
~Guarantee or 2 days 2nd half FREE
~no email questions during games
~recommend min. $50.00 per star
~action 1* to 5*
~opinions are just that
Starts Football

Membership 2020/21
Membership NFL & College Football
All plays issued from NFLX thru the Super Bowl. This is ONLY football and has no upgrade options.

Membership for 12 months (What we have done for 20 plus yrs) All plays in all sports we do for 12 months.

Second half plays changed in College & NFL FB ONLY.
For more details and your connection needs contact Leah or Bubba for all details.
Plays are issued at second half. Must be available on line or phone connect for these games. These plays are monitored

All members area have a total membership and once membership is filled, membership will no longer be offered. We reserve the right to return your funds in full if your membership arrives after we are full. For mailin payment arrange ahead of time for this service

For email notification when membership is offered contact us with your request.

~Membership is renewed yearly in June
~Game totals rank high in our action
~Plays are rated 1 to 5 star the highest
~Service plays are posted on the site daily
~Service plays are monitored independently
~Game writeups are not my forte
~Football has early and late releases
~Phone in for members plays is available.
~Bank system highly recommended to all
~Encourage play of $50.00 Min. per star.
~Games of the Week
~Games of the Month & Year
~Bubba Smith
~Railside Harry(Horses~MLB)